This is... Michael - Claire



Side A
1. A Singular Verse 2’15
2. Pieces of Alice 4’22
3. Universal Rock & Roll 3’52
4. Pegasus 3’29
5. Playing Fields of England 3’00
6. Time and the City 3’30
7. Sweet Summer Blue and Gold 2’16

Side B
1. I Need Someone Tonight 2’53
2. Rick’s Song 3’25
3. A Wishy Washy Song 3’24
4. Vampire Rag 3’01
5. The Hunt 4’49
6. Don’t Turn Your Back on a Christian 3’32

All songs original and published Michael Milner Music BMI,
except Sweet Summer Blue and Gold by Ted Staak, I Need Someone
by Isaac Guillory and Rick’s Song by Rick Cunha.


Michael Milner: guitars / vocals
Claire Hart: guitars / vocals

Tracks 1-13:
Recorded 1971 in San Francisco and Cambria, USA

remastered from the original tapes

artwork: Loriana Martin with thanks to John Stannard

the album is available in the following format:

NWRLP 08 - 12" LP 180gr vinyl - with insert (ltd. edition of 500 numbered copies)



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