Tim Hollier "Tim Hollier LP" reviews


from Platenblad - issued 2007 (by René van Kaam)

(translated excerpt)... This re-release on vinyl comes as a gift straight from heaven. ...Tim Hollier is one long, fantastic, trip. Very heavily recommended...

Ugly Things - January 2008 (by Mike Stax)

Night Wings previously released a CD compiling Tim Hollier's best work (see review in UT#23), and now follow up with a vinyl issue of the UK folkie's second album, originally released on Fontana in July 1970.
The album is something of a collaboration with California transplant Armory Kane, who not only sings and plays on the record, but also wrote or co-wrote three tracks, "Llanstephan Hill," "Evolution" and "Maybe You Will Stay." It's the opening "Seagull's Song," though, that is the standout track, with its hypnotic lead guitar lines and somber, poetic lyrics. Other highlights include "And It's Happening to Her," with its lovely melodic harmonies, and the delicately pretty "Love Song."
The arrangements are less orchestrated than his '68 debut, Message To A Harlequin, and the mood decidedly darker, but in many ways it's the superior effort, in a similar downer/loner vein to Mick Softley, Bill Fay and early Al Stewart.