Mayfield's Mule CD reviews


Rockerilla - Novembre 2007 (di Enrico Ramunni)

...ciò che emerge dagli abissi del tempo è un suono hard-blues di buona fattura, con venature sould di grana grossa nella voce ed alcune pregevoli composizioni, a volte impreziosite da un pastoso organo, come "Here Comes The Rain" e "My One For Your Two": giusto recuperarle

Shindig - October/November 2007 (by Paul Martin)

...Dating from 1969-70, the 11 tracks on the CD fall within a straightforward rock genre rather any particular sub genre thereof. The songs nearly all feature Mayfield's confident guitar work. In a few instances (especially on opener 'Oh lady' and 'My Way of Living') his John Fogerty vocals, and some nice strident keys come cross like CCR meets Deep Purple! 'I See A River' is not unlike a lighter version of 'Bad Moon Rising' in fact. There was no chart action in the UK but rocker 'Double Dealing Woman' was apparently a jukebox hit in France. 'Abarcadabara' (Mayfield's spelling) has a degree of 'Little Feet' vibe to it along with some pretty nice rhythm played as lead guitar passages. There are two long numbers in the nearly 10 minute long 'Here Comes The Rain' a semi-progressive number with keys to the fore and the 8 minute long 'My One For Your Two', a slow descending semi-blues rock number with keys and guitar sharing lead duties. Along with the opening track, my favourite was actually the shortest track on the disc, closer 'Life's Been Good To Me' at just 1.56 long. This is an out of character light flight serving as a platform for an enchanting flute lead...

Il Popolo del Blues - Ottobre 2007 (di Jacopo Meille)

...Ascoltare questa ristampa dei Mayfield’s Mule non fa altro che confermare quanto l’Inghilterra di fine anni ’60 fosse intrisa di quel sound potente e aggressivo, espressione di una società desiderosa di emancipazione e di liberarsi delle frustrazioni di una vita spesa in fabbrica e in miniera...Questa ristampa su CD contiene brani provenienti dai tre 45 giri e dall'album. Se i singoli rimandano direttamente al sound dei Faces e dei primi Humble Pie, il resto del materiale è fortemente contraddistinto dal suono dell’organo saturo e distorto che ricorda gli Atomic Rooster meno satanici e plumbei, a cui si unisce il classico suono hard blues di matrice britannica. I Mayfield’s Mule sono una piacevole riscoperta, e ci auguriamo che questa volta venga riconosciuto il giusto merito ad un chitarrista imbelle come Chris Mayfield che, a quasi quarant’anni dalle registrazioni di questo disco, continua a suonare e vivere della sua musica.

Ugly Things - January 2008 (by Doug Sheppard)

Recorded in 1969 and 1970 at Abbey Road, Mayfield's Mule is apparently a "lost album" in a very literal sense; as far as I can infer from the liners, a few singles came out in the UK and Europe, but the album itself only ever saw release on EMI-Odeon in Uruguay in such discreet fashion that even band leader Chris Mayfield wasn't aware of it until recently. ...even if Mayfield's Mule didn't have an identity, there are a few memorable tracks, including the riff-rocking opener "Oh Lady," the bluesy "Double Dealing Woman," and Neil Young offshoots like "I See a River," "Abracadabra" and "Here Comes the Rain." ...

Record Collector - February 2008 (by Michael Heatley)

...No relation to Percy, nor Curtis, Chris Mayfield is a bluesman who's still alive and kicking, unlike the aforementioned duo...Aside from PP Arnold who appears as a backing vocalist, the most famous name featured is an engineer, one Alan Parsons...But the name that comes to mind on hearing the music is Mayfield's then-labelmates, the pre-Ian Gillan Deep Purple. Hammond organ is well to the fore as Mayfield's Chris Farlowe-esque tones tells his self-penned stories, but elsewhere there's a Creedence-y ambience to tracks as Drinking My Moonshine, which rides more on his guitar skills